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FDA Test-Certified Face Masks to Combat Covid-19

Protect Yourself in Contained Spaces: Shopping, Working & Socializing.

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 Covid-19 is Most Dangerous Indoors.


Medical Fact: Only FDA-Authorized Masks are Tested to Filter Floating Viral Plumes in Indoor Air.

Cloth, Surgical and Refill Masks are not Reliable Indoors

Here are the Medical Facts and How To Protect yourself.

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Number 9570K

Coronavirus microdroplets in indoor air

One Super-Critical Fact to Know about Covid-19: The majority of cases are spread through fine droplets that float and linger in INDOOR air.*


 Our KN95 respirator facemasks are approved by the FDA and the CDC. Untested masks do not  protect you from  INDOOR viral aerosols.*


Our CDC approved masks filter  below the size of Covid-19, down to 0.10 microns. Untested masks can’t offer robust AIRBORNE protection.*

This video shows you how Covid-19 builds up in indoor air environments. 

* See  'Mask Education'  for more vital indoor air information. 

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Introducing the             Facemask Respirator 

FDA Authorized for Max. 99.42% Filtration*

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0.10 Micron Masks Filter Below the Size of Covid-19.



Many KN95 masks are "Registered" but not FDA AUTHORIZED to work as claimed. Send us an email at  We will verify formal FDA/CDC Authorization for you.

** See  'Mask Education'  for vital indoor air information

Mission-Critical Gear for Indoor Air Protection

KN95 respirator facemask layers for Coro
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5-Layer Mask  

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99.42% Maximum

Filtration.  The Eimo mask formally exceeds 

FDA/CDC criteria.

Comfort & Fit

The EImo mask fits snugly but is very comfortable and can be worn for hours on end.


Designed with high-efficiency filtration and low respiratory  resistance for  ease-of-use.  


The electrocharged filter layer effectively attracts and traps aerosol droplets.

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 "Our mission is to alert people to

the indoor dangers of floating viral            aerosols. Wear high-filtration FDA-           Authorized masks to avoid exposure         to Covid-19. MDs never opt to wear        replaceable filter or cloth masks. We        discuss why here. A big YES to staying optimally safe. Our mission is to help save lives."

     ~ Biopharmaca Family


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 Help Save Lives.