Facemask Respirators FAQ. Informed By Science.

239 Scientists Address the Greatest Covid-19 Threat: Floating Airborne Transmission.

Know this: Most (including cloth and replaceable filter) Masks and Will Not Protect You From Super-Fine Aerosols of Covid-19 that Drift Through the Air in Indoor Spaces.  



  • Scientists are concerned that  people lack protection in (1) Closed and poorly ventilated spaces, (2) in crowds, and (3) in close contact with others.   

Medical Personnel are a US national security resource. The Federal Government runs a gauntlet of tests to assure N95 respirator facemask safety for MDs and Health workers.  Our K95 and KN95 respirator facemasks for the public formally pass FDA and CDC >95% filtration  standards.

Verified Indoor Protection from Floating Viral Aerosols.

  • Biopharmaca stays current with FDA and CDC listings of formally approved N95, K95, and KN95 masks.

  • We review CDC-NIOSH “Respirator Assessment Results”, including test-verified,  approved masks.

  • We monitor FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for  any facemasks which have lost or gained FDA EUA Authorization.

  • Biopharmaca cross-checks the entire  system of FDA/CDC tests, re-tests and reviews to insure that the masks meet QC as stated, are anti-counterfeit cleared, and formally  authorized for >95% filter approval. 

To confirm the authenticity of your N95, K95 or KN95 facemask, send email with the mask manufacturer’s name to  biopharmaca@gmail.com   We can verify authorization for you through FDA/CDC listings.