Biopharmaca has introduced novel nutraceuticals and benign disinfectant technologies since 1994. A week after Covid-19 struck in 03/20, my wife and I put on our KN95 masks and walked out to buy groceries.  On route, we saw  people ambling along wearing mainly cloth masks, casual bandanas or else, nothing. At the store, indoor employees were wearing cloth masks. These masks weren’t  tested to filter viruses. Nine employees at our local market later caught Covid-19.  


Education is a must.  Our Science FAQ is designed to help. We ordered KN95  facemask respirators from several manufacturers to firsthand inspect their quality. All have been formally authorized by the FDA for public use. Outdoors in uncrowded spaces is less of a challenge. We focus on preventing the 75% of all cases that otherwise come from inhaling indoor viral aerosols through a low filtration mask or a lack of face-covering.   


Healthcare providers are militarily critical to our national security.  That is why the CDC and the FDA are variously involved in testing, overseeing and approving both N95 (for healthcare workers) and KN95 facemasks (for the public). These are the best-tested high-filtration masks available for serious protection from virus aerosols in critical indoor environments.  We are happy to serve people in this way and invite your comments  and questions.


All Best Wishes,   

Stan Arcieri