Let’s get serious.  Let’s defeat Covid-19.  

Covid-19 is Airborne in Indoor Spaces.

Here are the Medical Facts and How To Protect yourself.

One Super-Critical Fact to Know about Covid-19: 75% of all cases are spread through fine droplets that float and linger in INDOOR air.*

 Our KN95 respirator facemasks are approved by the FDA and the CDC. Untested masks do not  protect you from  INDOOR viral aerosols.*

Our CDC approved masks filter  below the size of Covid-19, down to 0.10 microns. Untested masks can’t offer robust AIRBORNE protection.*

* See  'Mask Education'  for vital indoor air information. 

eimo-9570k-kn95-mask FDA Authorized .png

Introducing the             Facemask Respirator 

FDA Authorized for Max. 99.42% Filtration*

0.10 Micron Masks Filter Below the Size of Covid-19.


Many KN95 masks are "Registered" but not FDA AUTHORIZED to work as claimed. Send us an email at biopharmaca@gmail.com  We will verify formal FDA/CDC Authorization for you.

** See  'Mask Education'  for vital indoor air information


99.42% Maximum

Filtration.  The Eimo mask formally exceeds 

FDA/CDC criteria.

Comfort & Fit

The EImo mask fits snugly but is very comfortable and can be worn for hours on end.


Designed with high-efficiency filtration and low respiratory  resistance for  ease-of-use.  


The electrocharged filter layer effectively attracts and traps aerosol droplets.

 "Our mission is to alert people to the        indoor dangers of floating viral                 aerosols. Wear high-filtration FDA-           Authorized masks to avoid exposure         to Covid-19. MDs never opt to wear        replaceable filter or cloth masks. We        discuss why here. A big YES to staying      optimally safe"

     ~ Biopharmaca Family


Each mask is sealed in its own sanitary package.

Mission-Critical Gear for Indoor Air Protection


Factory Direct: 10 to >1,000,000 Masks

 Shipped from our California Warehouse